About Pipari Art - Inspire people with art

Born 1989 in Philadelphia, PA, Kristina was always a creative mind and loved painting as a young spirit. She creates art for inner peace in others and in herself.

Capturing the beauty on this planet of nature and the things we as humans create together in an abstract form.


She loves and is passionate about colors and humanity. 

In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, it is important for us to remind each other of who we are inside and to know that we are one. 

Treating each other with respect, love and trust. We are a constantly growing family - one tribe - one nation - humanity.



2013 after completing her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration she started painting again. In an instance she was open to the flow of the painting. "I started painting to do something creative and fun with my time. Now, I know my art inspires others and art has the power of personal growth, mindfulness and healing."


2014 She sold her very first painting and has continued to sell paintings, Art Cards & Workshop's in Europe and the US.


2015 Her husband encouraged her to start selling her art online, which then lead her to attend different art shows to share her creations with the public. She then left her 9 to 5 job to be a fulltime artist and mother in 2018.


Her mission is to enrich and inspire people to make a difference in their lives through art.


It is our world - let's make a difference today! 


Kristina Lehmann-Pipari