Art is My Home

unique and individual art made with love and passion, for your home

Enriching peoples lives with art


Art has opend my heart and mind to new paths and a understanding and viewing of the world we live in.
As children we are all artists; free, open, passionate, creative, fun and have no fear of mistakes, we take risks and see. I believe we are born to explore and try new things. That life is an adventure we create for ourselvs.

As we grow up, we become careful of change and new things and people due to experiences and outside circumstances and influences. Being creative opens your body, mind and soul. 


That is why my passion is art!
My mission is to enriching peoples lives with and through art and give them a unique and individual transformation. Creating, starting over, trying new things and being open to paint, write and create whatever you have inside. This is what I do every day.

Let it out! Secure your own individual piece of art or join me in a workshop.

Find your inspiration and embrace your intuition. Discover what has been holding you back and learn how to let go, respect and love yourself and enjoy who you are and create the abundant life that you deserve and love to live. 


Enjoy art and let it help you unfold who YOU really are!

For The Love of Color